Mike Muir WCPPL Energy Las Vegas Paintball

This is where we started our company and this is what many of us involved have a passion for. 

We've since expanded and broadened our product line and deep down, we love the game and will continue to support local and professional players from around the globe. 

Check out our sponsored players below. 


Bryan McKenna - Chicago Aftershock 



Whenever we've discussed bringing in sponsored athletes, we consider a wide variety of things: are they a leader on their team; do they carry themselves professionally on and off the field of play; are they a top tier player in their league; do they align with our values and vision? 

We can say, without a doubt, that Bryan certainly exhibits all of these aspects, showcasing his skill ever since he broke into the pro ranks of the then PSP, along with helping gain recognition for the CXBL, both on his team and helping those around him. Bryan has made his way up through the ranks, grinding it out, competing in local Canadian tournaments and making a name for himself as a player who can break a game wide open. We love this about him, like us, we both started out with big dreams and aspirations of making it big and wouldn't stop until our goals were realized.   

We're absolutely stoked to have him on our side, because, frankly, Mike got tired of being shot by him on the field time and time again when they did battle in the CXBL. 

You can look forward to having Snapchat takeovers, Q&A sessions, season long updates, new product launch previews and giveaways from Bryan! 


Photo credit: im2studios


Mike Kerr - Chicago Aftershock

This dude is living the life. Seriously, he has a sweet ass van camper that he and Nick drive in to events, so clearly, we wanted to get in with these boys (because we need a crash pad sometimes) and they're just chill ass guys. 

Mike rose through the NXL ranks, playing Semi-Pro with Canadian-based Distortion, before graduating to the Pro division in 2017 with Aftershock. We got linked up with Mike almost accidentally, when our other Shock player, Byran, was doing a LoKoL Snapchat takeover and started featuring this fun loving dude. We instantly knew we needed Mr. Kerr on board. From crazy tattoos, creepy mustaches to his beer connoisseur ways, this guy is what we're all about, living the lifestyle and keeping things frosty. If you see his van at events, pop by, say hello and maybe he'll be kind enough to offer you one of his craft brewed beers. Or, maybe he'll have drank them all and is passed out on the bed, who knows, it's always an adventure with this dude.


Nick Pesz - Chicago Aftershock

Nick Pesz LoKoL Klothing Sponsored Athlete Professional Chicago Aftershock

Completing the pair in the #Vanlife crew is Nick, another Aftershock player who just represents LoKoL perfectly. Balling out at the highest level, cruising around to events and doing what you love, it's ideal. Nick's a beauty, his ability to dominate the field and then crush beers with the boys is top notch, even when he yells at Mike for "spinning on him" during practice, he still is the first to hand him a beer afterwards. 

Little else is known about this man of mystery, but I'm sure as we get to know him, more will come forth. 

Photo credit: im2studios