Kurt Bensmiller - Champion Chuckwagon Racer

Kurt Bensmiller Calgary Stampede 2014 Chuckwagon Racer Win

What more can you say about  Kurt Bensmiller, a two-time Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Champion would be one thing. This guy's got more titles than most have fingers and toes. To boot, he's an absolute beauty to talk to. Down to earth, easy to get along with and hell, chances are he'll have a cold brew in his hand and offer one up to you as well. That's why we love this guy, not only is he extremely successful in his sport, he's genuinely a super nice dude and family man. 

With all the wins he has, he still finds time to play Senior AA/AAA hockey during the winter with Dewberry Mustangs and Innisfail Eagles. Just don't mess with this big boy on the ice, he'll throw down with you if you make him mad. 

We wish him the best of luck this season and thank him for his continued support of LoKoL!