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Travel Blog - Edition 1 - Intro to LoKoL

What's going on crew, Mike here from your friends at LoKoL Klothing. We've got some big news going on this summer with new product launches, partnerships, sponsored team members and giveaways! 

We're going to be releasing frequent blogs and vlogs, documenting our adventures throughout this "relaunch" of LoKoL. I use the term "relaunch" as we initially were established in the summer of 2010 in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a paintball apparel company. Since then, we've mixed in winter sports and MMA. After a few great years, after university "grown up life" set in and I had to shift my focus fully to my day job as a public accountant. 

Well, life has thrown in another change, moving from Halifax to Calgary, Alberta in the summer of 2012, up to Edmonton the following year, and finally back to Calgary again only a few short months ago. This time, myself with the help of two new additions to the team, Curtis and Rob, a few more good East Coast boys, are ready to take back what LoKoL lost when it was stalled in 2012 upon my move. 

We're committed to bringing back all the style, culture and lifestyle that LoKoL first created and love hearing from all of you during the process! We want you pictures, tags, Tweets, Likes and all that fun social media shenanigans. Use the tags #lokol and #replokol to be featured! 

Back to the main reason for this blog and let us tell you, we've got a bunch planned! From exotic trips, sexy models & photoshoots, professional athlete bios and Q&As, Snapchat Take-Overs and more, it's going to be a LoKo(L) summer! 

Make sure you follow us on all our social media accounts, @LoKoLKlothing, and hit us up with questions and anything else that comes to mind!

We're stoked to be back and look forward to making LoKoL great again!


Mike & the LoKoL Crew.

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