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Travel Blog - Edition 4 - Living my LoKoL. Holidays in The Maritimes, Canada

Curtis Scaplen LoKoL Klothing

(Curtis and the gang enjoying an evening out, rocking the OG Snapbacks)

Hey there everyone, it's Curtis here from LoKoL Klothing.  LoKoL is about connecting and celebrating individual communities.  It isn't just about geography, but more about a sense of belonging, purpose and the pride that comes along with living your LoKoL.  I thought I would give you an inside look at My LoKoL and how I spent my time over the Holidays in 2017.   

Since I was young the Holiday Season has been absolutely the most amazing time of the year.  This is likely inspired by my amazing grandmother and parents who made Christmas so special.  Yes, we were spoiled, yes we had Christmas lights and loved all the beautiful decorations, yes Santa always found us, but the magic for me has always been about family & people.  Getting to spend quality time with your family and friends and catching up like no time has passed by at all.  I probably didn’t realize how special this was until I was a little older, but even as a kid my folks made it a purpose to take the time to be with family, visit friends and relatives and enjoy that special time together.  Since I have lived away from family for most of my adult life after University, this time around the holidays has become even more important.

(A few route choices from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Saint John, New Brunswick)

Having family in both Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia the past couple of years since moving back from Toronto the holidays have been split between these cities.  This year was kind of unique as a couple of months prior to the holidays I announced my involvement with LoKoL Klothing and I am overwhelmed and humbled by the support & excitement of friends, family and the communities.

Curtis Scaplen with his kids LoKoL Klothing Inc.

(Curtis with son, niece and nephew at the Polar Express Curtis is wearing a Limited Edition Plaid OG Flexfit)

The first part of my holidays was spent in Saint John, NB.  I have to tell you that having grown up there I still have a strong sense of pride of where I come from, and I am very impressed with the vibe in the city and what many people (some old friends) have done to really reinforce the positive qualities of the port city.  This time back I made sure to take some time to enjoy my hometown, and I was so glad that I did.  Some of the highlights were a great meal and live entertainment at the Cask & Kettle on Prince William Street, followed by a quick stop at the very cool Eighty-Three Bar Arcade with my brothers and sisters in beautifully decorated uptown Saint John.  Family brunch at Cora’s followed by some photos with nieces and nephews in Market Square.  A boys night out with some close friends which included a stop at an old time favorite Rocky’s Sports Bar followed by a couple of cold local beverages and Open Mic Night @ McGill’s.   My sister hosted a party with close relatives and friends and by the end of the night I think over half of the people were walking around with their favorite LoKoL T-shirt or hat.  My parents took us to the new Reversing Falls restaurant which was incredible food and a great setting for dinner.  The city has so much to offer, but most of all it is the people that make it.  I am so happy to see such a positive vibe and so inspired by entrepreneurs and influencers that are constantly fighting to make Saint John, NB a great place to live and to visit!

Curtis Scaplen wife LoKoL Klothing Inc.

(Smile for the Camera!)

The second part of my vacation was spent where I now call home in Bedford, NS.  Not quite as much hopping around, however, likely because of my own traditions and that drive to be amongst family and friends as much as possible we did a lot of hosting and visiting amongst family.  My wife had the house amazingly decorated and although hosting can be a bit more pressure, with our little guy Jack it is sometimes easier for us to both take part in the festivities.   We had a fantastic Christmas, and NYE was spent with our family (not all blood).  

A great crew to start the New Year with!
(What a crew to start 2018 with!)

There were laughs, tears, but most of all cheers.  The holidays season has come and gone, but this year especially I have to stop and thank all of the family and friends who I was fortunate enough to spend quality time with and to those who have reached out on Social Media for your support with LoKoL and for making my holidays so special!  That’s my LoKoL.  #Whatsyourlokol #Holidays2017 #LoKoLFamily


Curtis S.


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