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Travel Blog - Edition 2 - Banff, Alberta, Canada

To start off, I'd like to apologize for the long delays between blog posts, being busy isn't an excuse to neglect our blogs and content. So, for this, I'm sorry.

Now, onto the happy and exciting trip that I took to the beautiful Banff National Park in Alberta, just a short jaunt from Calgary. 

We've been working hard on the back end of things, getting all of our website and product shots up to date, inventory accounted for and social media buzz going. With this, we've had the opportunity to take some cool pictures and travel to a few unique locations to do so. 

Mountain Gazing LoKoL Klothing Inc.

It just so happened that one of my best friends, Andrew, was flying in from Halifax, Nova Scotia on a work trip that aligned perfectly with a weekend trip to the mountains with myself, girlfriend, Kirsten, and dog, Rocky. We grabbed a cabin from our good friends at Tunnel Mountain Resort, which features great views, amenities and a wood burning fireplace in a 2 story rustic cabin. 

Using this opportunity to snap some shots, we settled in quickly and all cracked a beer to head outside in the cold. Bringing along all of our new, premium, Canadian made shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies, we set out to grab some authentic shots, along with some posed looks. I think they turned out pretty cool and we've had some good feedback, after all, it is our consumers who are the ones who keep us afloat, so we love hearing what they think and collaborating with you. 

Laughing hoodies LoKoL Klothing Inc.

After grabbing some more pictures, the three of us decided it was a good time to explore the beautiful town of Banff, as Andrew hadn't experienced the "local" or should I say, LoKoL, nightlife, and dining. Feeling a bit famished, we started out by heading to the Park Distillery, which is managed by a longtime friend who I got to know though LoKoL and filming with What U Missed Last Night in 2012. I'd highly recommend trying the Alpine Gin for those gin lovers, while I tend to stick to a Glacier Rye and ginger. Top choices for food there from our group was the Pork Croquettes, Hot Wings, and Calamari. If you're feeling a bit more peckish, try the Rotisserie Chicken and Chips, it's delicious! 

Next on the docket was some drinks, so we motored over to a local staple, The Eddie Burger + Bar, known for their infamous burgers with unlimited variations and a drink only known as "The Trash Can". What's in a Trash Can might you ask? Well, there are a few variations, but my "go to" is the Original, which is a mix of blue Curaçao, long island mix, lime and a can of Red Bull turned upside down in the top. 

Eddie Burger+Bar Trash Cans LoKoL Klothing Inc.

After one of these bad boys, we took off to another local establishment, Tommy's Neighbourhood Pub, for a pint of Coors (I know, not very adventurous, but it was the evening special). Great little vibe, dart board, pool tables, lots of seating and TVs to catch the game. 

As the evening became night, we found ourselves at the renowned, Dancing Sasquatch, known for it's wild nightlife, crazy DJ shows and of course, the "Time Machine", not unlike the Eddie Burger "Trash Can", except with a full can of Monster Energy drink this time. Enough energy drinks to keep us going through the night! 

Dancing Sasquatch Banff LoKoL Klothing Inc.

We danced our little hearts away and had a blast, but finally decided our old bodies could take no more, so we hailed a nearby cab and headed back to our cozy cabin for the remainder of the night. 

Stoking up another fire, we all cracked a beer or whiskey, dealer's choice, and played a few rounds of a card game called Exploding Kittens. Rocky, the whole time, was enjoying his nice bed, a beef flavored chew bone, some food, and water as well as the cool view of the nearby Mount Norquay. 

Finally, we decided to shut it down for the evening in preparation to head back to Calgary the following day. 

Waking up we made a coffee, which was surprisingly good for a hotel cup of joe, and began our pack and trip back home. 

One thing I cannot ever seem to get over is the views that the mountains provide, I am constantly catching myself staring off to the vast peaks and snow-covered hillsides. 

Hopefully, if nothing else from this little read, you've garnered a bit more of an understanding of what we do to get our product shots, much of the time on a whim, sometimes on purpose, but also how we spend our time with friends and family, outdoors, having a pint like most everyone and just enjoying the company of good people and communities. 

Whether your LoKoL is your hometown, a coastal village, mountain resort, beach in the Carribean or your living room, we want to hear about it. Share your stories with us, tag us on social media for reshares and likes. We'd love to hear from you! 

Signing off,

Mike Muir
Find us on Social Media @LoKoLKlothing

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  • Liam H.

    Sounds like an awesome trip! Really nice pics and the new website looks great! Excited for my stuff to arrive.

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