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Travel Blog - Edition 2 - Banff, Alberta, Canada

To start off, I'd like to apologize for the long delays between blog posts, being busy isn't an excuse to neglect our blogs and content. So, for this, I'm sorry. Now, onto the happy and exciting trip that I took to the beautiful Banff National Park in Alberta, just a short jaunt from Calgary.  We've been working hard on the back end of things, getting all of our website and product shots up to date, inventory accounted for and social media buzz going. With this, we've had the opportunity to take some cool pictures and travel to a few unique locations to do so.  It just so happened that one of my best friends, Andrew, was flying in from Halifax,...

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WCPPL Event 2 - Sin City Invitational

  Founder, Mike, and Edmonton Impact prospect, Caleb Thorsen, sent it all the way down to Las Vegas, Nevada over the May long weekend to participate in the West Coast Paintball Players League's Sin City Invitational Event 2 at Vegas Xtreme Sports complex. The boys played for a Div. 2 team based out of SoCal called Energy, with former Dynasty NPPL member, Ian Trainer, among others.  The Calgary crew headed down to embark on their long drive on Wednesday, May 17th, aiming for a noon arrival on Thursday. They'd cover over 2,000kms and 19 hours in their car. Along the way the boys would pass through Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and finally, destination Las Vegas, Nevada.  Luckily, they decided to do...

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